Hex Information and Links

Are you looking to find out more about Hex and how this project works. Stick around and explorer all that the Hex community has to offer.

This is the main Hex website, visit this for a comprehensive rundown on all things Hex and instructions on how to buy Hex.

This great little tool will help you visualise the possible value of your stakes in the future. You can set the future price so you can do your Moon Maths. Have fun!

Very slick way to view your current stakes and how you rank in terms of share holder status. Full of useful metrics on the Hex network and recent stake and unstake activity on the Hex project. 

The ultimate Hex data analysis tool. If there is a metric you want to dig into, than this is your site. Create your own custom searches on all the available Hex blockchain data.

If you found these videos useful, feel free to send some Hex love this way.