Seed Storage You Can Count On

Ultimate Protection for your Seed

Seed phrases are the keys to the vault, so you need to protect them from physical destruction, as well as from prying eyes online!

SeedVault offers you the ultimate physical protection for your seed phrases and passphrases. How do we know, well we punished these devices by torching them until they were "cherry red" so we know they can handle the heat!

Features and Design
Supports BIP39 Mnemonic Seed Phrases
In English this means it supports the wallets you own, in the configurations you need. 

  • 12 word seed phrases (e.g. Trezor Model T, Metamask, etc)
  • 24 word seed phrases (e.g. NanoS and NanoX, Trezor One and Trezor Model T)
  • 25-50 character passphrases 

Made for Normal Humans

Made to be simple and effective to minimise future mistakes. 

  • Affordable and Flexible, back up all your wallets
  • Designed to grow with you
  • No tiny letter tiles to misplace
  • Permanent record (like it should be)
  • No moving parts to break
  • No chance of letter tiles “changing order”

Expandable and Adaptable Design

Have multiple seed you need to back, of course you do! 

  • multiple passphrase support 
  • multiple seeds support 
  • mix and match plates to suit your needs 
  • stack and pack into one solid mofo that will last

Tough and Durable

We torched this sucker so you know it is up to the task. 

  • waterproof
  • fireproof
  • rustproof
  • 2mm thick stainless-steel plate