Level 0 - Wallet Basics

If you are new to crypto or just want to brush up on your knowledge of how wallets work. Then this level is for you.

Wallet Basics

This is the 101 of how Wallets work and how they protect and store our coins and tokens.

In this video we will cover such things as:

  • What is a wallet 
  • How do they “store” my coins and tokens 
  • Software vs hardware Wallets 
  • How does this apply to Hex 

Seed Phrases are Important!

Now that you know how wallets work in general, let's dig a little deeper into what a seed phrase is and what part it plays in your wallet. 

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Metamask Software Wallet

Here we take a very brief look at the Metamask wallet, just to get very high level understanding of what role this software plays in the DeFi space.

Hardware Wallets

So now we know what a wallet is, let's have a quick look at two of the most popular wallets and find out which why one is more recommended over the other.