Time to Level Up your Security

Hex is an exciting blockchain based financial product, which encourages and rewards participates in the ecosystem for staking their Hex.

In Hex LONGER STAKES PAY BETTER, so it is critical to protect your stakes with strong security practices. After all you could be linked to your staking wallets for months, years… even decades!

Having the right security in place to protect your Hex stakes, will mean you can rest easy knowing your growing Hex shares are safe and sound. This site aims to provide Hex Stakers with a valuable source of information on;


Level 0 - Wallet Essentials

If you are new to the crypto space or just want to brush up on your knowledge of how wallets work. Knowing this will give you the grounding to understand why we need to have good security hygiene with our wallets.


Wallet basics

Seed phrases are important!

Metamask software wallet

Hardware wallets

Level 1 - Understanding How Hex Works
Do terms like "token" or "smart contract" sound like a foreign language to you? Never fear, in this level we dig under the hood a little to understand how this relates to Hex. Having this knowledge will assist with securing your Hex Stakes even better.


Coins vs tokens

What is a smart contract?

The hex smart contract

Level 2 - Seed Phrase Protection
Seed phrases are "the keys to the vault" so it is important you understand what your options are for protecting your vault. Learn how you can increase your seed phrase security here.


Introduction to security

Seed-phrase triage - Metamask Migration

Storing seed-phrases - the basics

Extra seed protection part 1 - understanding passphrases

Extra Seed protection part 2 - distributed seed-phrases

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